About NRTC

NRTC Communications, a long-standing foundation in communications, is committed to providing integrity connectivity solutions for society & the community at large.

NRTC Communications, a communications service provider since 1911, has been providing high-quality, reliable telephone service in the Upper Ottawa Valley for the past 100 years. We are committed to providing superior connectivity solutions for individuals and the community as a whole.

We offer a full range of voice and data services. Our friendly professional team makes every effort to exceed the expectations of our customers while delivering state-of-the-art communication solutions.

NRTC’s services enable customers to leverage advanced communication technologies including Fibre to the home, dedicated access, wireless, and solution orientated security systems and monitoring.

NRTC is your single point of contact for connectivity for voice and data, delivered from an established company that has present-day leading edge technology with future visualization. This allows you to have “one-stop” shopping that promises savings, competitiveness, quality of service, support and ease of purchase.

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