We're looking out for you through COVID-19

The health and safety of our community and our people is paramount. 

This is something that we have always believed and supported, both in word and in action.  There has perhaps not been another time in NRTC Communications’ history when this statement has rung truer than now.

In light of the recent developments concerning COVID-19, NRTC has made the decision to close its public storefronts until further notice.

Let me take this opportunity to highlight some key points:


Though our stores and offices will be closed to the public, we are still available to you for any inquiries you may have or technical support you may need.  Our

Customer Service Team will continue to be accessible to you via phone at 613-638-7873 and email at techhelp@nrtco.net.  We are continuing business as usual with a few modifications to do our part in protecting both our employees and the public.


We are 100% committed to serving our customers and are available to you for all your Internet, TV, Phone, and Security needs.  You will continue to be able to access all of your services. 


Many of our TV channels are offering free previews for the next month to help you navigate this time.  Free previews for the Food Network, HGTV, Showcase, Lifetime, History, the Cooking Channel, Nickelodeon, Treehouse, National Geographic, Disney, Wild TV, Sportsman Channel, CP24, CTV News Channel, and CBC News Network will begin shortly until mid to late April.


Service calls will continue with measures in place to ensure the safety of our technicians as well as our customers.  This may change based on direction from Health Canada.  Our commitment to you is to provide you with reliable service to the best of our abilities at all times.


If you need to return or exchange hardware, we will make arrangements to come to you.  Please note that due to our store closures, in-person hardware returns and exchanges are currently not being accepted.  To arrange for hardware return or exchange, please email or call us so that we can make arrangements.


This is an excellent opportunity to utilize our e-billing and online payment options.  As our stores will be closed to the public until further notice, it will not be possible to pay your bill in-person.  You can eliminate the need for face-to-face contact when receiving and paying bills by choosing e-billing and paying online.  This can be done via your own online banking or setting up pre-authorized payments.  You can find more information by visiting: http://www.nrtco.net/my-nrtc/e-bill.


If any employee feels ill or unwell, they are required to stay home until they are fully recovered and seek medical attention if necessary.  Self-Quarantine measures are in place should any of our employees come into contact with someone carrying COVID-19.


You can expect to hear from us as soon as updates become available.  We believe in consistent and honest communication built on a foundation of integrity and respect and we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that you are kept in the loop as the situation evolves.

We understand that these decisions may cause inconveniences and we apologize for that.  In over 100 years of operation, NRTC has been met with challenges, but this situation is unique.  As such, we are in uncharted territory and are committed to doing everything we can to minimize the impact you may experience.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this challenging time in our communities.  A big thank you to our employees, who have worked long and hard to ensure that we are in the best position we can possibly be to manage the impact of COVID-19 in our communities.  I am proud to have such dedicated and caring people working with NRTC.

We look forward to connecting with you face-to-face again one day soon.  Until then, take care of yourselves and of each other.


Steve Lynn

General Manager

NRTC Communications