Update 911 Address

NRTC Digital Home Phone offers 911 dialing with all our available Digital Home Phone services; however there are some limitations with Digital Home Phone 911 over enhanced 911 services that you should be aware of.

When you dial 911 with a Digital Home Phone service, your call will be connected to a national 911 operator who will then confirm your calling location in order to connect you to the appropriately located 911 Call Centre. Although the 911 emergency address on file will be seen by the operator, you will be required to verbally provide your present location to the operator.

It is important that you update your 911 emergency address information so that it is as current as possible. If you are roaming with your NRTC Digital Home Phone Service and require 911 but are unable to speak, we recommend that you use an alternate 911 service (such as a cell phone or land line) that will be able to find your location without requiring verbal confirmation. Otherwise, the current address on file will be used and police will be dispatched to that location.

Note: It is your responsibility to change/update your 911 Address when roaming/moving and returning to your regular address.

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