Complete NRTC TV Lineup

Channel Name
Plan It's In
361A&EFavourites, Entertainment 1 
1361A&E HDFavourites, Entertainment 1
186ABC SparkFamily 1
1186ABC Spark HD Family 1 
150ABC DetroitAll TV plans  
1150ABC Detroit HDAll HD TV plans 
160ABC SeattleTimeshifting  
1160ABC Seattle HDTimeshifting 
622Adult SwimMovies 2 
1622Adult Swim HDMovies 2
650AMCFavourites, Entertainment 1 
1650AMC HDFavourites, Entertainment 1
392American Heroes ChannelLifestyle 1
1392American Heroes ChannelLifestyle 1
895AMI AudioAll TV plans 
275AMI TVAll TV plans  
350Animal PlanetNature 
1350Animal Planet HDNature
270APTNAll TV plans  
1270APTN HDAll HD plans 
388BBC CanadaLifestyle 3 
1002BBC EarthLifestyle 1
225BBC World NewsInternational News 
1225BBC World HD International News
343BET Lifestyle 5 
1343BET HD Lifestyle 5
445Big Ten Sports 2
1445Big Ten HD Sports 2
240BNN BloombergFavourites, International News 
1240BNN  Bloomberg HDFavourites, News and Money
371Book TelevisionLifestyle 2 
322Cartoon NetworkFamily 3 
1322Cartoon Network HD Family 3
205CBC News NetworkFavourites, Canadian News 
1205CBC News Network HDFavourites, Canadian News
102CBC OttawaAll TV plans  
1102CBC Ottawa HDAll HD TV plans 
122CBC TorontoAll TV plans  
1122CBC Toronto HD All TV plans 
132CBC Vancouver Timeshifting  
1132CBC Vancouver HD Timeshifting 
162CBS Seattle Timeshifting   
1162CBS Seattle HD Timeshifting 
152CBS WatertownAll TV plans  
1152CBS Watertown HDAll HD TV plans 
111CHCHAll TV plans  
1111CHCH HDAll HD TV plans 
110City TV TorontoAll TV plans  
1110City TV Toronto HDAll HD TV plans 
136City TV Vancouver Timeshifting  
1136City TV Vancouver HD Timeshifting 
348CMTEntertainment 2 
1348CMT HD Entertainment 2
242CNBCInternational News  
230CNNFavourites, International News 
1230CNN HDFavourites, International News
628Cooking ChannelMovies 2 
1625Cooking Channel HD Movies 2
192Cottage LifeLiving 
1192Cottage Life HDLiving
210CP24Favourites, Canadian News 
202CPACAll TV plans  
601Crave 1Premium Movies  
1601Crave 1 HDPremium Movies 
602 Crave 2 Premium Movies  
1602Crave 2 HDPremium Movies 
603Crave 3Premium Movies  
1603Crave 3 HDPremium Movies 
604Crave 4 Premium Movies  
1604Crave 4 HDPremium Movies 
636Crime + InvestigationEntertainment 1 
1636Crime + Investigation HD Entertainment 1
360CTV ComedyFavourites, Entertainment 2 
1190CTV Drama HDFavourites, Entertainment 1
 190CTV Drama Favourites, Entertainment 1  
208CTV News ChannelFavourites, Canadian News 
1208CTV News Channel HD Favourites, Canadian News
103CTV OttawaAll TV plans  
1103CTV Ottawa HDAll HD TV plans 
123CTV TorontoAll TV plans  
1123CTV Toronto HDAll TV plans 
104CTV Two OttawaAll TV plans  
1104CTV Two Ottawa HDAll HD TV plans 
124CTV Two TorontoAll TV plans  
1124CTV  Two Toronto HD All TV plans 
133CTV Vancouver Timeshifting  
1133CTV Vancouver HDTimeshifting 
134CTV Vancouver IslandTimeshifting  
1134CTV Two Vancouver Island HDTimeshifting 
261Daystar Lifestyle 5  
352DejaviewEntertainment 2 
365Discovery ChannelFavourites, Discover 
1365Discovery HDFavourites, Discover
387Discovery ScienceDiscover 
1366Discovery VelocityDiscovery Velocity
319Disney ChannelFamily 2 
1319Disney Channel HDFamily 2
309Disney JuniorFamily 2 
311Disney XDFamily 2 
1311Disney XD HDFamily 2
385DIY NetworkLiving 
368DocumentaryMovies 1 
1368Documentary HDMovies 1
1353Dtour HDDiscover
354E!Entertainment 2 
1354E! HDEntertainment 2 
930Elle Fictions Music  
440ESPN ClassicSports 1 
318FamilyFavourites, Family 1 
1318Family HDFavourites, Family 1
310Family CHRGDFavourites, Family 1 
1310Family CHRGD HDFavourites, Family 1
308Family JrFavourites, Family 1 
1308Family Jr HD Favourites, Family 1
375Fashion TelevisionLifestyle 2 
1050Fireplace—ToastyAll TV Plans 
1051Fireplace—ClassicAll TV Plans 
380Food Network CanadaFavourites, Living 
1380Food Network Canada HDFavourites, Living
237Fox NewsInternational News 
1237Fox News HDInternational News
154Fox RochesterAll TV plans  
1154Fox Rochester HDAll HD TV plans 
164Fox SpokaneTimeshifting  
1164Fox Spokane HDTimeshifting 
465Fox Sports RacingSports 2 
1465Fox Sports Racing HDSports 2
645FX CanadaEntertainment 1 
1645FX Canada HDEntertainment 1
377FYILifestyle 4 
357Game TVFavourites, Lifestyle 5 
355Game Show NetworkLifestyle 3 
1355Game Show Network HDLifestyle 3
654GINX eSports Canada Superchannel   
135Global BC Timeshifting  
1135Global BC HD Timeshifting 
105Global TorontoAll TV plans  
1105Global Toronto HDAll HD TV plans 
101Global KingstonAll TV Plans  
1101Global Kingston HDAll HD TV Plans 
119Global PeterboroughBasics  
1119Global Peterborough HDBasics 
460Golf ChannelFavourites, Sports 1  
1460Golf Channel HDFavourites, Sports 1 
346CTV LifeMusic 
1364H2 HD Discover 
605HBO Canada
Premium Movies  
606HBO 2   
1605HBO Canada HDPremium Movies 
1606HBO 2 HD  
370HGTV CanadaFavourites, Living 
1370HGTV Canada HDFavourites, Living
1004HiFi HDLifestyle 4
363History ChannelFavourites, Discover 
1363History HDFavourites, Discover
235HLNInternational News 
1235HLN HDInternational News
910Ici RDIAll TV plans  
1910RDI HDBasics 
901Ici TéléAll TV plans  
1901Ici Télé HDAll HD TV plans 
386Investigation DiscoveryLifestyle 5 
1386Investigation Discovery HDLifestyle 5
184KTLAPremium Movies  
912LCNCanadian News, Sport French 
1912LCN HDCanadian News, Sprt French 
432Leafs TVSports 1 
1432Leafs TV HDSports 1 
626LifetimeMovies 2 
1626Lifetime HDMovies 2
1001Love Nature HDNature
358MakefulLifestyle 4 
1358Makeful HDLifestyle 4
620MovieTimeMovies 2 
1620MovieTime HDMovies 2
Channel Name
Plan It's In
238MSNBCInternational News  
1238MSNBC HDInternational News 
1344MTV Canada HDMusic
340MuchFavourites, Music
1340Much HDFavourites, Music
351Nat Geo WildFavourites, Nature 
1351Nat Geo Wild HDFavourites, Nature
367National GeographicFavourites, Nature 
1367National Geographic HDFavourites, Nature
452NBA TVSports 1 
1452NBA TV HDSports 1
151NBC DetroitAll TV plans  
1151NBC Detroit HDAll HD TV plans 
161NBC Seattle Timeshifting  
1161NBC Seattle HD Timeshifting 
450NFL NetworkSports 1 
1450NFL Network HDSports 1
320NickelodeonFamily 2 
130NTVAll TV plans  
1130NTV HDAll TV plans 
470OLNLifestyle 1 
113Omni 1All TV plans  
1113Omni 1 HDAll HD TV plans 
114Omni 2All TV plans  
1114Omni 2 HDAll HD TV plans 
265ONE Get Fit
Lifestyle 2 
203Ontario LegislatureAll TV plans  
255OUT TVLifestyle 2 
374OWNLifestyle 3 
1374OWN HDLifestyle 3 
390Paramount NetworksLifestyle 1 
1390 Paramount Networks HD Lifestyle 1 
163PBS SeattleTimeshifting  
1163PBS Seattle HD Timeshifting 
153PBS WatertownAll TV plans  
1153PBS Watertown HDAll HD TV plans 
180PeachtreeFavourites, Family 1 
1180Peachtree HDFavourites, Family 1
950RDSSport: French 
1950RDS HDSport: French
953RDS InfoSport: French 
1953RDS Info HDSport: French
951RDS2Sport: French 
1951RDS2 HDSport: French
621RewindMovies 1 
1621Rewind HDMovies 1
1467REV TV  
263Salt and LightLifestyle 5 
250Shopping ChannelAll TV plans  
640ShowcaseFavourites, Movies 2 
1640Showcase HDFavourites, Movies 2
638Silver Screen ClassicsMovies 1 
376SliceLifestyle 3 
1376Slice HDLifestyle 3
1003Smithsonian HD
356CTV Sci-FiFavourites, Lifestyle 1 
1356CTV Sci-Fi HDFavourites, Lifestyle 1
405Sportsnet 360All TV plans  
1405Sportsnet 360 HDAll HD TV plans 
420Sportsnet EastAll TV plans  
1420Sportsnet East HDAll HD TV plans 
425Sportsnet OneAll TV plans  
1425Sportsnet One HDAll HD TV plans 
421Sportsnet OntarioAll TV plans  
1421Sportsnet Ontario HDAll HD TV plans 
423Sportsnet PacificAll TV plans  
1423Sportsnet Pacific HDAll HD TV plans 
422Sportsnet WestAll TV plans  
1422Sportsnet West HDAll HD TV plans 
 1430Sportsnet World  
920SRC VancouverTimeshifting  
1920SRC Vancouver HDTimeshifting 
610 Starz 1 Premium Movies  
1610 Starz 1 HDPremium Movies 
611Starz 2Premium Movies  
1611Starz 2 HDPremium Movies 
802Stingray - Adult AlternativeAll TV plans  
816Stingray - All Day PartyAll TV plans  
821Stingray - Around the WorldAll TV plans  
834Stingray - Bande à PartAll TV plans  
824Stingray - BaroqueAll TV plans  
826Stingray - Chamber MusicAll TV plans  
825Stingray - Classic MastersAll TV plans  
812Stingray - Classic RockAll TV plans  
805Stingray - Country ClassicsAll TV plans  
817Stingray - Dance Clubbin'All TV plans  
801Stingray - Easy ListeningAll TV plans  
820Stingray - Eclectic ElectronicAll TV plans  
813Stingray - Flashback 70'sAll TV plans  
804Stingray - Folk RootsAll TV plans  
841Stingray - Franco CountryAll TV plans  
840Stingray - Franco PopAll TV plans  
838Stingray - Franco RétroAll TV plans  
852Stingray - Franco Fêtes (seasonal)All TV plans  
807Stingray - Hit ListAll TV plans  
851Stingray - Holiday Favourites (seasonal)All TV plans  
806Stingray - Hot CountryAll TV plans  
818Stingray - Jammin'All TV plans  
831Stingray - Jazz MastersAll TV plans  
832Stingray - Jazz NowAll TV plans  
810Stingray - Jukebox OldiesAll TV plans  
833Stingray - Kid's StuffAll TV plans  
836Stingray - Mousses MusiqueAll TV plans  
827Stingray - NatureAll TV plans  
837Stingray - NostalgieAll TV plans  
803Stingray - Pop AdultAll TV plans  
823Stingray - Pop ClassicsAll TV plans  
808Stingray - Remember the 80'sAll TV plans  
814Stingray - RockAll TV plans  
815Stingray - Rock AlternativeAll TV plans  
830Stingray - Smooth JazzAll TV plans  
835Stingray - SouvenirsAll TV plans  
809Stingray - Swingin' StandardsAll TV plans  
811Stingray - The BluesAll TV plans  
829Stingray - The Chill LoungeAll TV plans  
822Stingray - The LightAll TV plans  
828Stingray - The SpaAll TV plans  
839Stingray - Top DétenteAll TV plans  
819Stingray - Urban BeatAll TV plans  
651Superchannel FuseSuperchannel  
1651Superchannel Fuse HDSuperchannel 
652Superchannel Heart & HomeSuperchannel  
1652Superchannel Heart & Home HDSuperchannel 
653Superchannel VaultSuperchannel  
1378T+E HDLiving
906Télé-QuébecAll TV plans  
1906Télé-Québec HDAll HD TV plans 
325TeletoonFamily 3 
905TFOAll TV plans  
1905TFO HD  
362TLCFavourites, Lifestyle 4 
1362TLC HDFavourites, Lifestyle 4
305TreehouseFavourites, Family 3 
401TSN 1All TV plans  
1401TSN 1 HDAll HD TV plans 
402TSN 2All TV plans  
1402TSN 2 HDAll HD TV plans 
403TSN 3All TV plans  
1403TSN 3 HDAll HD TV plans 
404TSN 4All TV plans  
1404TSN 4 HDAll HD TV plans 
400TSN 5All TV plans  
1400TSN 5 HDAll HD TV plans 
634Turner Classic MoviesMovies 1 
1634Turner Classic Movies HDMovies 1
902TV5All TV plans  
1902TV5 HDAll HD TV plans 
903TVAAll TV plans  
1903TVA HDAll HD TV plans 
955TVA SportsSport: French 
1955TVA Sports HDSport: French
112TVOAll TV plans  
1112TVO HDAll HD TV plans 
904VSport: French 
1904V HDSport: French
262VisionLifestyle 2 
372W NetworkFavourites, Lifestyle 3 
1372W Network HDFavourites, Lifestyle 3
200Weather NetworkAll TV plans  
181WGNPremium Movies  
1181WGN HDPremium Movies 
472Wild Pursuit NetworkSports 2 
1472Wild Pursuit Network HDSports 2 
1458 WWE  
474Sportsman ChannelSports 2 
1474Sportsman Channel HDSports 2
183WPIXPremium Movies  
1183WPIX HDPremium Movies 
182WSBKPremium Movies  
1182WSBK HD (MyTV 38 HD)Premium Movies 
260Yes TVFavourites, Family 3 
1260YES TV HD Favourites, Family 3
315YTVFavourites, Family 3 
1315YTV HDFavourites, Family 3
1660 2000s Hollywood Suite  Hollywood Suite
165990s Hollywood Suite Hollywood Suite
165880s Hollywood Suite Hollywood Suite
1657 70s Hollywood Suite Hollywood Suite