Social media not taking wind out of email’s sails


By Mark Evans,

Special to Globe and Mail Update.

With the rise of social media and text messaging, email is losing its value, cache and utility.

Or so the thinking goes.

But here’s the strange and interesting thing: Despite proclamations that email is dying, the fact is quite the contrary.

In fact, email seems to be getting strong and more embraced even though people are also communicating via social media services such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Fraud Alert: Government bureau acts to shut down phone directory scam


The federal government is taking action against five companies, who are accused of deceptive marketing schemes aimed at businesses. The five companies and three individuals under investigation by the Competition Bureau are charged with impersonating Yellow Pages Group, thus deceiving businesses across the country. The Bureau is seeking an injunction to put an immediate end to the deceptive marketing representations, freeze corporate assets for future restitution to victims, and stop the deceptive conduct.